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Haulin Bus Downloads

SCANIA EUROLINER Bus for Haulin by Hastantyo

100% scratch hand made from Zmodeler 1.07b. Standalone mod; 21 paintjobs; New Custom Interior; Driveable & AI Traffic. No need to change anythings on the mod, perfectly safe use for end user.
For more info see the Readme.txt file.

Download (9,80 MB)

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schoolbus mod by 3dartpol

schoolbus is from haulin ai , i have made it as standalone drivable truck.
I have added truck bus engine sound. The plain color and green skin works in the game. Credit goes to Scs Software for ai bus.

Download (206 KB)

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7 ai bus pack for haulin converted bySlaMauser

This is 7 Buses from Bus Driver game converted to AI for haulin.
Also another mod is included it can make the all buses drivable too.
truck storage def file is allready included.

Download (6 MB)

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BUS MOD 1.0 by SlaMauser

This is one of the best bus mod! The buses has own interior. It high polygon bus models.
- 41 bus station
- 2 buses Ayats Bravo ll and Volvo 9700, is a standalone bus.
- New Gas station
- etc. for more info see included readme.txt

Installation is easy after you extract the archive copy the scs file to your Mod folder. Start a New Game and select the "Bus Mod" checkbox! pic.
"Note if you game crash remove any other Mods that may conflict"

Download v1 *. (23 MB)

Download v1a *. (27MB)
N/A see SlaMauser Website

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